Bungee Cords

  • A superior 50/50 Inner latex and rubber blend- For ultra strength, with a combination of double braided high quality cording, and its UV protection(Do not leave in the sun indefinitely) Keep bungees out of the elements in a cool dry place while not in use. Bungees are not made to be a permanent fixture, Bungees are elastic and will degrade over time if not stored properly.
  • Non scratch steel core hooks- The steel core hooks are plastic coated ensuring maximum strength with no scratches or damage to anchor points.
  • Expands up to 50% of its length- Making these ideal for a variety of jobs.
  • Bag- Allows your bungees to be stored hassle-free for easy access and storage. No more headaches of trying to stuff your bungees in a cramped plastic tube.
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